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        Strip steel
        Product catalog
        Strip steel
        Our company specializing in the production of galvanized steel, is a hot strip steel substrate, through pickling, cold rolling, heating reduction, zinc production process out, the product can completely meet GB510018-2002 "cold-formed steel structure technical specification" standard in the construction industry can be widely applied for cold-formed steel keel, galvanized pipe, chimney, shutter doors, highway guardrail etc., can also be used in automobile, locomotive manufacturing, board manufacturing and other industries.
        Application: it is suitable for cold-formed section, keel, galvanized pipe, chimney material, rolling shutter door, highway guardrail, etc., and it can also be used in automobile, railway locomotive manufacturing, warehouse board manufacturing and other industries.
        Main specifications: thickness: 0.15mm-2mm width: 20mm-500mm
        Scope of use: it is suitable for baling packing in metallurgy, paper making, building materials, glass and other industries.
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